Apple Watch 2 review and photos

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Is the Apple Watch Series 2 worth buying?......

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The Apple Watch may be the stepchild of the tech giant's product suite.

While iPhones seem ubiquitous in cities like San Francisco and New York City, their sibling, the Apple Watch, never took off outside Apple fanboys and girls and startup employees. It's essentially a mini computer strapped across your wrist, which leaves some consumers asking, "Why do I need a device that does things my phone can do — just not as well?"

The company sold 1.1 million Apple Watches in the third quarter of 2016, down from 3.9 million a year earlier, and its lion's share of the smartwatch market is starting to slip.

I got an Apple Watch Series 2 soon after it was released in September. Here's what my experience has been like.

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I've worn an Apple Watch Series 2 nearly every day for three months.

Courtesy of Melia Robinson

Overall, I love it.


The Apple Watch Series 2 packs processing power, clean design, and elegance.

It looks and feels like an Apple product.

For me, the biggest plus of owning an Apple Watch is the notification feature.

ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images

I am someone who puts her phone away at dinnertime and doesn't panic if she forgets it at home. Owning an Apple Watch allows me to loosen the leash even more.

The Apple Watch gives a quick buzz and flashes a notification when I receive a text message, have a calendar event coming up, or get mentioned in a tweet.

AP Photo/Eric Risberg

I can glimpse my wrist and decide whether to whip out my phone and act on the notification or dismiss it immediately. It helps me triage incoming information.

In settings, I can enable notifications from even more applications such as email and Facebook.

I reference the watch's fitness feature multiple times a day. Three "activity rings" show progress toward my health goals and send reminders when I'm falling behind.


There are three barometers of success: an exercise goal, a move goal, and a stand goal. I configured my settings based on the app's recommendations so that I achieve 30 minutes of exercise, burn 300 calories, and stand for about a minute every hour for 12 hours in the day.

When I start to fall behind on a goal, the watch sends me a friendly reminder to get moving.

I can also view weekly charts that show how many days I met my goals.

The newest version of the Apple Watch is water-resistant. I don't bother to take off my watch when washing the dishes, and I never worry about tinkering with it in the rain.



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