Apple iPad Pro review: Why you should wait to upgrade

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IT is bigger, faster, better and easier to use. But the real reason you will eventually want to buy Apple’s newest iPad hasn’t happened yet.......

Apple’s new iPad 10.7-inch has found the middle ground between the 9.7-inch screen that has been the standard since the beginning of the iPad and the 12.9-inch Pro which is more display than some people want to handle.

Before we look at the pros and cons of the new iPad Pro, context is important. The iPad market is a problem for Apple. People generally love their iPad but don’t want to love a new one.

iPad sales peaked three years ago — since then it’s been a steady decline and even with this shiny new tablet that trend is not likely to change soon.

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June 6th 2017

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The iPad Pro 10.5-inch is powered by the A10x chip. It is 30 per cent faster and has a 40 per cent boost in graphics performance. In terms of hardware, the other notable change is the screen has a faster refresh rate which means it is smoother at everything from game playing to scrolling a web page. You get better performance with the Apple Pencil, which is an accessory that will become more useful when iOS 11 comes out later in the year.

The real advantage with the bigger size iPad is that the digital keyboard and the optional extra Smart Keyboard are full sized. So, you no longer have to embrace the massive 12.9-inch iPad to avoid slightly cramped fingers when typing.

The changes to the screen could mean even better battery performance than you expect with an iPad although it is still rated as being able to deliver 10 hours of battery.

If taking pictures with a tablet is your thing, this has the same 12-megapixel camera as the iPhone 7 and a 7-megapixel front facing camera.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shows an iPad Pro at WWDC in San Jose, Calif. Picture: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez.Source:AP


In short, probably later.

Despite releasing its best iPad ever, Apple has the same old problem. If you’re happy with your current iPad, the boost to specs alone is probably not going to be enough to convince you to upgrade.

Content is both the problem and the solution for Apple.

It is the problem in that most people use their iPads to consume media, from apps to web browsing and email, and their current device is perfectly fine. But it is the solution too, because content is coming to change the way people use their iPads.

Some of that content is in the form of new apps, such as the new Affinity Photo app for iPad that was demonstrated at WWDC. Yes, it will run on other iPads, from the iPad Air 2 onwards, but it takes advantage of the higher refresh features of this iPad in a way that will convince some people to make the switch.

There will also be a new wave of augmented reality apps on the way, with Apple releasing a toolkit for developers. From entertainment, to shopping and education, that will change the way we use our devices, just as Pokemon Go changed game playing on the smartphone. The best experience of all that will be on the fastest device with the best screen _ which means the new iPad Pro.

Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi spruiks the advantages of iOS11. Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.Source:AFP

The other big change is iOS 11. You can sum up the changes as better split screen features and a better dock and control panel and easier access to the cloud, but that doesn’t really explain just how much more useful the iPad Pro becomes with these changes.

Yes, you will be able to use iOS 11 on other iPads. But if your iPad is suddenly your main productivity tool, then you really do want to have the best iPad you can buy.

And the best iPad you can buy is this one. Buy it now or buy it later — but for my money this is the one you will want to buy next.

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