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Shift4's Plan for Apple Pay

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Recently announced by Apple®, Apple Pay™ is a mobile payments tool that uses near-field communication (NFC) to communicate with NFC-enabled terminal devices. Apple Pay will be delivered to the iPhone® 6 in an update scheduled later this month and to the Apple Watch™ upon its release in early 2015. Shift4 currently supports several NFC payment options including Google Wallet™ and Softcard™ (formerly Isis Wallet™), so adding support for Apple Pay’s NFC-based, in-store transactions should be relatively quick and easy on our side. You will need an NFC-enabled payment device that is supported by both Shift4 and your point-of-sale or property management system to process payments using this technology. (A full list of supported devices can be found on our website – just look for options with a green “Yes” next to the Contactless/NFC feature.)

In addition to NFC-based, in-store payments, Apple Pay also offers an in-app payment functionality, whereby devices with Apple Pay enabled can use the phone’s provided token to complete purchases through apps running on Apple devices. However, it appears there will be significant development required by Shift4 and each of the processors we work with (and possibly from the app developers as well) to support Apple Pay’s in-app payment functionality.

We’ll know more about both of these technologies once we receive the official specifications from Apple, and will update you at that time with a projected launch date(s).

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